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Life Coaching: One-on-One Sessions

Delivered over the phone, via video call, or in person, Blazing Mountain works one-on-one with you to accelerate personal growth.

Blazing Mountain’s holistic approach when working with you integrates coaching, mentoring and consulting in response to your individual needs and wishes. We believe that a combination of all of these methods is most effective in empowering you.

Blazing Mountain sees the role of a life coach as being to provide structure, tools and accountability so that you can accelerate your progress toward achieving goals. Sessions focus on issues and objectives you identify as being important to you, and can benefit you in any area of life. For example, personal life coaching may be directed towards improving family or other social relationships, or you may decide that you would like to focus on goals related to your career or life purpose.

We use various tools to address your needs and highlight new possibilities. Most such tools employ a questioning process that is designed to improve your own problem solving skills, to assist you in developing relevant, effective plans to move forward in your life, and to increase your self-awareness.

While Blazing Mountain’s team is responsible to facilitate the process, you are responsible to take action. Your level of success, and the speed and extent to which you achieve your goals is entirely within your control.

NOTE: Coaching, mentoring and consulting are not the same as psychological therapy, business analysis, or legal advice and should not be confused with or used in place of those services.