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Blazing Mountain works with people who want to be inspired by their life. A typical client is ready for a change and determined to move to the next level in one or many areas of life. Our clients are looking for ways to proactively direct their life instead of continuing to respond reactively to the situations they find themselves in. People looking to dissolve the fears that are holding them back and to experience more fulfillment in their lives benefit from a relationship with us.

Blazing Mountain accompanies clients on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery; sharing with them tools and perspectives that will transform their life. In short, working with Blazing Mountain is for anyone that is ready to give themselves permission to live an amazing life.


Blazing Mountain works with organizations that understand people are their greatest asset, and that make developing and retaining that asset a top priority. Whether looking to increase employee engagement, effectively implement change, or develop leaders and managers who inspire their teams, our clients have a desire to leverage their human capital in a new way.

Blazing Mountain challenges its corporate clients to understand human behaviour from a different perspective. Our clients use the concrete tools, ongoing support, and practical, powerful information Blazing Mountain provides to give them an advantage in in fulfilling their vision.

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“Worry not about the opinions of others.”

— Epictetus