Jodi has a passion for personal growth and I would strongly recommend her professional coaching services for anyone looking to improve there lives!  I started off attending a workshop by Jodi and then followed up with some one-on-one coaching.  Prior to meeting Jodi, I struggled with confidence and decision making.  Jodi introduced me to some techniques based on my highest values which has vastly improved my confidence in all areas of my life.  Her ability to challenge my traditional thinking, keep me accountable and keep me focused vastly improved my professional and personal life!  I look forward to working with Jodi again and would recommend her to anyone that has a desire to grow! – Jason D.

Jodi is wonderful to work with. She has a playfulness about her that allows you to relax; she make you feel safe. She has a special way to get you to open up, thereby allowing you to see the world in a whole new way. – Annette W.

Jodi was able to dig up an issue that I did not know I needed to deal with, make total sense of it and in the end, it was probably my biggest aha moment in this whole process. – Diane R.

(Jodi’s) work is unbelievable. I had such a huge awakening about myself and the people around me. Her work gave me such a different perspective on how I treat people and, instead of being angry, what a blessing they are to me. It also showed me how they were reflecting all my stuff. (Jodi) will work with you and not waster your time. I found her approach is very direct but also some of the best coaching skills that I have ever seen and been a part of. I have been in (the healing) business for 10 years and Jodi is one of the best. I will only send my clients to her. I feel that everyone should try this method of coaching at least once or attend one of her workshops. Jodi does amazing work and you will feel and have such a different outlook on how you treat and handle your life situations. – Marie S.

Interesting workshop. It was good to bring this (topic) into focus. I will reflect on what I learned today. Well done! – Johnny G. in regards to Inspired Employees

I have had the opportunity to work with Jodi over many years, in which time she has coached me in multiple areas of my life. Working with Jodi has been a perspective-altering experience for me. The work that we have done together has been pivotal to how I’ve learned to deal with joyful and challenging events in my life – Jodi’s insight has helped me to keep a grounded sense of balance and gratitude within myself. The coaching work that I have done with Jodi has helped to empower me to heal from my past, be grateful for the present moment, and plan for the future in an inspired way. I would certainly recommend Jodi’s professional skills to a friend or family member in need of focused yet compassionate coaching. – Taylor W.

I have had several one-on-one sessions with Jodi as well as a group workshop session. Our one-on-one sessions were extremely valuable to me. I was at a stressful time in my life, feeling out of touch with myself and others. I was looking for direction both professionally and personally and Jodi was able to zone in on exactly what I needed. I appreciated her no-nonsense approach and her ability to analyze my emotions/stresses and to guide me to a level of clarity. Jodi’s coaching style was excellent for our group session – insightful, well organized and very professional, as well as, providing the learning tools needed for leadership development. I would highly recommend Jodi’s coaching skills to friends and work colleagues! – Joanne C.

Jodi is one of the most professional consultants I have worked with. She helps you get to the root cause of the issue and receive clarity in a timely manner. The tools and methodologies provided to me make me feel more empowered and in control. Jodi has helped me to overcome some of the problems that were holding me back, both in my business and personally. I will certainly work with her in the future and I am grateful that I have someone that helps me to resolve my problems when I feel I need the assistance. – Melissa R.

I have had the privilege to work with Jodi in private sessions as well as in group programs. Jodi has helped me breakthrough some old and rooted paradigms which has allowed me to grow both in my personal life and relationships, and in my professional life as an employee and as an entrepreneur. Jodi is very versatile in her coaching style; if she can’t get through to you in one way, she will adapt her approach so that you can actually go through a complete breakthrough. She will work and break things into smaller bits until you get it, and I really appreciate that about Jodi. I have recommended her to my sister and I know Jodi was very helpful with her as well. I would definitely recommend her to friends, family, and colleagues! – Juliane H.

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“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

— Lao Tzu