4 Keys to Supercharge Your Success

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First things first, can you say that you have a clear idea of what success means for you? Whether it be financially, in your career, with your family, in your health, etc. do you know what success would look like?

Assuming you do, are you setting yourself up for that success? Have you given deliberate thought to making yourself more valuable to employers and colleagues? To clients? To your family? Who are the people you are surrounding yourself with? Do they inspire you to dream bigger? What new people will you meet and add to your network? What new things are you learning? What changes would support your goals for yourself? What new habits are you creating to help with those changes? Are you prepared to spend the necessary time and money?

Success is different for each of us but regardless of how you define it, the following are key to helping you achieve it:

1. Set Goals

I talked about this in detail in a previous blog post titled “Change Goal Setting Into Goal Achieving”. An essential message of that post is that successful goal setting requires you to be very clear and very realistic. Vague goals lead to vague results. If you have a goal to “be happy” does that mean go on a vacation? Save money? Get a new job? Or something completely different? Be clear.

Setting goals that aren’t truly important to you or which don’t fit into your current lifestyle are unlikely to lead to success. Can you be honest with yourself and others about what’s a priority for you? And can you sincerely act on those priorities? Be realistic.

2. Commit Resources

You have to commit the necessary resources – time, money, effort. Beyond thinking about what will lead to success for you, are you prepared to do what it takes? Can you diligently and consistently dedicate the time to learning a new skill? The effort to get more physically fit? The money to pay for a new extracurricular activity?

3. Schedule Action

It’s easy to get sucked back into old habits and the busyness of life. One important thing you can do to create success is schedule the changes you’ve decided to make. Until you take concrete action, your goals are no more than abstract thought and wishful thinking. Carve specific, regular time out of your schedule to make progress on your success.

Consider scheduling regular networking opportunities; time at the gym; social events with people who are important to you ; automatic debits to support your financial goals; a course or workshop and any associated time for homework; a vacation; feedback opportunities with colleagues; or anything else that supports your goals…and commit to those scheduled items.

4. Incorporate Support

We all benefit from support. By deliberately incorporating support into your plan for success you increase the likelihood and speed of achieving it. Support might include looking after your physical well-being by taking a bath or nap; joining or building a group that will provide you with accountability, feedback, and mentoring; hiring a professional – a coach, a counsellor, a health or financial professional – to help you in their area of expertise; or asking friends or family to help you manage your commitments.

Success doesn’t happen by accident. If you’re serious about your success, then get serious about setting goals, committing resources, scheduling action, and incorporating support

About the Author

Jodi Marshall is the founder and president of Blazing Mountain Consulting Inc. She is a consultant, coach, educator, human behaviour specialist and speaker who promotes personal and professional achievement by empowering people in all areas of life.