4 Keys to Supercharge Your Success

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First things first, can you say that you have a clear idea of what success means for you? Whether it be financially, in your career, with your family, in your health, etc. do you know what success would look like?

Assuming you do, are you setting yourself up for that success? Have you given deliberate thought to making yourself more valuable to employers and colleagues? To clients? To your family? Who are the people you are surrounding yourself with? Do they inspire you to dream bigger? What new people will you meet and add to your network? What new things are you learning? What changes would support your goals for yourself? What new habits are you creating to help with those changes? Are you prepared to spend the necessary time and money?

Success is different for each of us but regardless of how you define it, the following are key to helping you achieve it: More

The One Skill Critical to Your Success and Happiness

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If I could only give one piece of advice to clients looking to improve their life in some way, it would be to focus on their self-awareness first. All the changes they would like to see happen are dependent on, and can only occur in relation to, the level of their self-awareness. Self-awareness is critical in the work environment and in our personal relationships. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that self-awareness is, perhaps, the most powerful skill you can ever develop.

Do you know who you really are? Do you understand your own motivations, feelings, and preferences? Can you identify your character strengths and weaknesses? Do you know what you’re afraid of? Can you be honest with yourself and others about those things? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you likely have a fairly high level of self-awareness. More

Change Goal Setting into Goal Achieving

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Does it feel like you seldom make real progress on your goals? Are you good at making time to set goals but not so good at actually achieving them? Have you ever wondered why your new year’s resolutions consistently fail? If you would like to routinely achieve the goals you set, there are two key components you need to understand.

The first is that you have the greatest probability of achieving goals that are consistent with your highest true values. What does this mean? I use the term “true values” because I’m not talking about those principles commonly espoused in books and training programs – principles such as loyalty, integrity, and honesty. Rather, your true values are the things that are a demonstrated priority in your life. Values such as travel, raising children, building a business, and eating organic might all fit the bill. When you set goals that are in alignment with these values, you are more likely to achieve them because you are already committed to the underlying behaviours necessary to make them happen and you don’t have competing objectives. More

The Power of Focus – For Good and For Bad

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With the recent federal election and current events like the Syrian refugee crisis, the economic climate, and the terrorist attacks in Paris, I have become even more aware than usual of people’s propensity to focus on all the things they don’t want. They don’t want certain political leaders; they don’t want to lose their job; they don’t want to allow refugees into the country…the list goes on. What many people don’t realize, or seem to forget during periods of stress, is that whatever you focus on is exactly what you’re likely to get. Prefacing the subject matter with words like “no”, “don’t” or “anti-” doesn’t change the fact that your focus is still on the things you’re afraid of or opposed to, and therefore, likely to generate more of those things. The wiser and more productive approach is to focus on what you do want. More

Easy Doesn’t Make You Grow!

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I often think of a discussion I had with a participant in one of my first workshops. We were in the middle of an exercise in which people were trying to identify the benefits of something that was currently challenging them in their lives. This particular individual was lamenting the fact that her eldest child was, in her words, “a drama queen”, deliberately contrary, and defiant. In contrast, her other children were compliant, sweet, and “easy”. She was a bit taken aback when, instead of responding with sympathy, I immediately and rather forcefully replied “Easy doesn’t make you grow!” More