Easy Doesn’t Make You Grow!

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I often think of a discussion I had with a participant in one of my first workshops. We were in the middle of an exercise in which people were trying to identify the benefits of something that was currently challenging them in their lives. This particular individual was lamenting the fact that her eldest child was, in her words, “a drama queen”, deliberately contrary, and defiant. In contrast, her other children were compliant, sweet, and “easy”. She was a bit taken aback when, instead of responding with sympathy, I immediately and rather forcefully replied “Easy doesn’t make you grow!” More

Job, Career or Calling?

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careersI’ve been reading Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey (the co-founder of Whole Foods Market) and Raj Sisodia and I love how they have summed-up the types of work people do. Your work can be a job –  “a pure transaction: (you) put in a certain number of hours a week in exchange for a certain salary and set benefits”. You have no emotional attachment to the work and you can’t wait for the day to be over so you can get back to your life. Your work can be a career – offering you “opportunities to attain higher levels of responsibility and reward by doing more than the bare minimum necessary to keep the job and shrewdly navigating the corporate hierarchy”. Your level of emotional attachment may or may not be higher than in a job but you are motivated to capitalize on the opportunities your work presents. Or, your work can be a calling – providing such intrinsic meaning and value to you that you would continue to do it even if the usual incentives of money or time off were not a factor. A calling inspires you. More

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